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Tommy's Holiday Gear Guide

Tommy's Holiday Gear Guide

Great watersports gifts for everyone in the family

Boaters are some of the easiest people to get presents for with just a little bit of guidance. The boating hobby requires all kinds of different gear and equipment and as boaters, we love the gear just as much as the boat. We have put together a list of items that can get you an easy head start on finding the perfect gifts for the boaters in your life. We have recommendations in every price point, from hats to electric surf foils and everything in between.

1. Tommy's Hyperlite Buzz Wakesurfer - ($420

Surf inspired shape from a legend of the sport, Scott Byerly. The soft rail and thumb shaped tail keep it within the skill range of any rider on the boat! Constructed with Hyperlite’s Durashell material makes this thing virtually indestructible.

2. Slingshot Coaster Wakesurfer - ($525)

A versatile skim board built to cover all ranges of skill. The triple fin layout provides a stable base with lots of drive. The bright colorway, and epoxy construction pair for a clean appearance and a lighter board that lends to easier pop off the water. Don’t forget to protect your new epoxy board with a board sock or board bag!

3. Ronix RXT Wakeboard - ($560)

Premium performance at the perfect price. Tommys’ clearance wakeboards pack a punch. All that can be said about the RXT is that is has one of the lightest, most reactive core designs in the industry. Because of RXT standing for Ronix Experimental Technology, the interior components of the board are undisclosed. And since Ronix won’t talk about it, the ride speaks for itself, Ronix’s Speedwall™ rail design provides a fast, responsive board that flies higher while the continuous rocker of this modern board gives the softest landings upon reentry.

4. Connelly Reverb Wakeboard - ($280)

Do you know a wakeboarder that is in progression purgatory? Maybe you? Connelly’s Reverb wakeboard is a great 3-fin board and the choice to remove the center fin as you gain confidence. For riders just past beginner, with aspirations to push to advanced; its Subtle 3-stage Variable Rocker places the best of a Continuous Rocker and a 3-stage Rocker directly underfoot. The bottom of this board’s twin concave channels forms a tip to tail spine that displaces water on landing for a smooth landing.

5. Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard - ($320)

Liquid Force’s longest best-selling wake board shape in their line, now available in a Women’s model. Ready for beginners out of the box. Once you’re ready, popping the center fins out will allow for a looser ride, and more progression. Make no mistake, glitter, and polka dots, does not a Women’s board make. With women typically weighing less than men, they don’t apply the same force to the board while riding. To maintain performance and consistent board feel across the size range, Women’s boards typically use a 6oz fiberglass where Men’s use 8oz, and 4oz for Groms. It makes a difference, you will notice.

6. Hyperlite Murray Jr. Wakeboard - ($238)

Is your Lil’ Ripper well beyond that fifty-dollar FB Marketplace purchase you made due to the uncertainty of them getting into Wakeboarding? Now that you’re sure, treat them to a board they will love! Shaun Murray’s legendary Pro-Model shape, and weapon of choice for 9yr old ripper, Kane Ward! The Murray offers a forgiving rail bevel, subtle 3-stage rocker, and removable lateral fins.  Also available in a Murray Girls graphic.

7. Mission Sentry Fenders - ($72)

The Sentry Fender from Mission Boat Gear is one of the quickest and easiest to use boat fenders on the market. While they are also great looking, they bring great value in their ease of use and how well they protect our boats against docks and other boats.

8. Liquid Force Transit Bindings - ($217)

The Transit Bindings are a great pairing for any wakeboarder. With an open toe it is a binding that can be worn by many different riders and still be comfortable.  An excellent performing boot, and the black color allows this to look goon on any wakeboard.

9. Ronix One Boots - ($369)

Upgrade your wakeboarding footwear with the One Boot!  Designed and crafted for wakeboarding legend Danny Harf, the One Boot offers the best comfort and support.  With Ronix's exclusive Intuition+ liner and BrainFrame chassis, your feet stay locked into the boot and make landings soft. Trust us, your feet will thank you!

10. Ronix Women's Halo Boots - ($330)

Ladies there's no reason why you wakeboard boots can't be comfortable and look good.  The Ronix Halo Boots feature their 2 Stage liners and MainFrame chassis. Designed specifically for women's feet, lower back arch, and also for multiple foots sizes. If you're not ready to make the jump to a close toe boot yet but looking for a higher performing boot, then look no further.

11. Liquid Force Kid's Gromi Wakesurfer - ($270)

Finding ways to help your Grom get riding can be tough, but once they are there they seem to progress so fast. The Gromi is a kids wakesurfer that is easy to push into the water. Available in a strapped model, that can aid in getting kids on top of the board. With progression, the straps can help take your kid off the water with ease as they learn to pop off the water.

12. Connely Kid's Dash Wakesurfer - ($250)

Often times parents shopping Wake Surfboards for their kids tend to shy away from the purchase when they look at the initial investment of a board. They begin to question if their child will take a liking to it. Connelly’s Dash Wake Surf is a paragon in the age of inflation, coming in as the lowest price point kids board, we stock. Although it looks like a slippery and loose skim board, it boasts 3 – 2” Fins for tons of tracking and drive as soon as it hits the water. These fins will ensure they feel stable once on the board and provide immediate confidence from the first ride on.

13. Dometic CFX3 25 Powered Cooler - ($899.99)

The Dometic CFX3 25 is a powered cooler that is a great addition to any boat day or lake day in general. It can be plugged into the boat, plugged into a standard electrical outlet, or even hard-wired in to a boat or car. No need to bring ice down to the boat anymore when you have a powered cooler!

14. Connelly Voodoo Wakesurfer - ($375)

Connelly’s Voodoo is a heat mold construction built to last. This board is stable enough for most beginners but tends to carry so much speed, it typically fits the intermediate skill range more comfortably. Ideal for practicing more technical tricks like 180 rotations, the wide nose offers significantly more stability as your tail once the board is backwards.

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