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Tommy's Holiday Stocking Gifts

If you're anything like the Tommy's crew, we are always finding new gear to use that makes our days on the water that much better.  To help make your shopping a little easier and get those stockings filled here's some gear products that won't break the bank.

1. Malibu Cool Fit Boonie Cap -  ($18) Excluding your Gunnel and Bimini, your cranium and shoulder catch the brunt of the sun throughout the day. Don’t forget to cover it up! This Boonie cap’s draw-tight chin strap makes sure it stays with you when you’re cruising from one session to the next.


2. Tommy's CGA Life Vest -  ($45) Rule 1: Save Lives; Rule 2: Be Comfy. The Tommy’s CGA Vest follows all the rules and looks great doing it. With a price that rivals cheap nylon vests you find at Walmart and Costco, while providing all the buttery, vest to skin contact of a high-quality Neoprene vest. These are a great option for your friend who is new to boating, as well as refreshing the CGA vests for the guests on your vessel.

3. Billabong Crossfire Men's Shorts - ($45) Almost a quarter century into the 2000’s, and you are still going home to change from shorts to swim trunks? Hybrid shorts have been around, making lives simpler, and getting wearers more time on the water for a good while. Billabongs Crossfire shorts offer amazing 4way stretch and rapid drying performance. All that quality stacked with a deep selection of colors that will keep you moving and looking good regardless of being on or off the water.

4. O'Brien XL Water Saddle - With inflation these days, the name of the game for most is stretching that dollar. When you make the call to save some fuel and float, don’t go stretching out your nice vests! Tommy’s has you covered with the XL Water Saddles. Built with plenty of material to float the Jolliest of boaters. The slim uniform shape makes them insanely easy to stack and store away without eating up storage space.

 5. Axis Wake Shirt -  ($18) As boaters, most of us love to represent our brands. One easy and cheaper way to do this is to grab one of these Axis shirts. They are a great deal on sale and go along with just about any outfit for the boater in your life.


 6. Malibu Roadie Trucker Snapback - ($15) Keeping the sun off your head is a must for a full day on the lake. Doesn’t hurt to do it with a little bit of Malibu swag! We offer a variety of hats online and in store to keep you covered.



7. Hyperlite Surf Sock- ($55) The surfboards that we use are often times very fragile and we want to keep care of them. A great way to keep them in great shape is by storing them in a board sock. Think of it this way, would you ever buy a boat without a cover?  A must have for any wake surfer!


8. Follow Basic Wakeboard Rope Package - ($51.99) The basic package is everything you need for a great wakeboard set.  High quality rope at a great price point.  Even if you already have a wakeboard rope it never hurts to have a spare on the boat, you never know when you need one!


9. Tommy's/Hyperlite Surf Rope - ($55) In a sport where the goal is to ditch the rope, WHY BUST THE BANK?! The Tommy’s Hyperlite Surf Rope is the proper tool at an even more proper price!




10. Malibu Camelbak Insulated Mugs - ($28) available in Axis Mugs. Keep your favorite drink cold or hot while on the boat in these sweet Malibu/Axis Mugs. Available in multiple colors, an easy stocking stuffer gift that everyone will love!


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