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Ronix Intermediate/Advanced Foil Package 2023

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Board Size: 4'1"

    • 727 Foil Board
    • Fluid 24” Mast
    • Link 3D 39cm Fuselage
    • Hybrid Carbon Balance 1300 Front Wing
    • Hybrid Carbon Navigator 240cm
    • *Straps as seen in photo are NOT included*

    Ronix Koal Surface 727 Foil Board

    A construction incorporating the core of Ronix's high-end Flyweight Pro series, but wrapped in a bulletproof Surface Skin. In short, the lightweight feel of your favorite highend surfer, the durability of your favorite wakeboard, and a skin that breaks up the water for less resistance.

    Ronix Intermediate/Advanced 24" Foil

    Speed, lift and travel usually override arguably the most important aspect of your set up – well balanced flow. Manifested with a built-in metronome to keep a consistent prolonged cadence. When Ronix set out to design this series, they were looking for an effortless turn like you are ripping powder. A temperament that will see you through the progression of flight on the first wave all the way to port to starboard wave transfers. A fluid session will always have you feeling in control of your ride as you comfortably stand upright in a natural foil position. This is where it all starts - the personality of your levitating experience. A proper flight begins and ends with a front wing set to your cadence and velocity.


    • Available in 4’1 or 4’8 Length
    • 10” track length with industry standard 3.5” width between tracks
    • Foil Specific Design - all attributes of the rocker, bevel, profile, swing weight were designed specifically for foiling
    • Foil Kit Box - comes complete with a labeled, organized box with tool and all hardware.
    • Padded Bag - a high end bag with interior pouches labeled for each product
    • Removable Wing Covers - portable covers to protect your wings while in the boat


    • Fluid 24” Mast – A mast easy enough to learn deep water starts on – but tall enough to learn the basics of pumping.
    • Link 3D Fuselage - A high grade machined aluminum fuselage is the perfect intersection between mast, front wing, and rear stabilizer.
    • Balance 1300cm2 Front Wing - This is the foundation model, ideal size and construction for somebody new to foiling regardless of what size they are, or somebody experience that wants that blend of speed and lift.
    • Navigator 240cm2 Rear Stabilizer - The voice of reason mounted on the back of your Link 3D fuselage.

    Model Year 2023
    Brand Ronix - View Brand
    Warranty 1 Year