Phase 5 Phantom 2022

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The Phantom designed by Parker Payne has quickly become one of the most popular surf models in the lineup. Parker’s technical riding requires a fast and versatile board which the Phantom delivers. With it’s nice parallel outline, the Phantom is super fast and generates a lot of pop. The wider nose lets the board maintain speed when the board is in the revert position. An analogy we often like to use for feel of the Phantom is that it is similar to that of skateboard. The Phantom is built with Phase Five's FLEXtec V2 glass system. FLEXtec V2 gives the feeling of a traditional surfboard while delivering wake surf specific features. It comes with a Quad fin FCS surf fin setup.

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  • FLEXtec V2 Lamination
  • V.R.T Technology
  • Reflex Speedrail
  • Epoxy Resin
  • FCS Fin Boxes
  • Texture Finish
  • EPS Core
  • Flexspine Carbon Stringer

Fins: 4- Quad Surf Set


Gender Unisex
Board Style Surf
Skill Level Intermediate/Advanced
Design Directional Performance
Weight Range (lbs) 46" - Up to 150
50" - Up to 175
53" - Up to 185
57" - Up to 250
Model Year 2022
Warranty 60 days

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