Phase 5 MVP 2022

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The MVP features full deck EVA grip with both tail and nose kick tail support for expert level riding. The only board built in the P5 range that has Rail Grab Channels, the MVP offers the rider a pronounced spot to grab when executing tricks above the lip. For 2022, John Akerman decided he wanted to change the tail because he was looking for more speed and traction for big maneuvers. The “Moon” tail delivers those needs. The overall shape from the tail up didn’t change at all which keeps the boards high performance and forgiveness aspects in check. We firmly believe the minor tweaks in the tail will take the MVP to new heights! It is equipped with a single 1” fin and double concave bottom with a V-Spline tail that gives the board a true skim style feel.

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  • GatorSkin Glass
  • V.R.T Technology
  • Continuous Core
  • Single Fin Setup
  • Texture Finish
  • Ridge Grip Rail Channels
  • PROPEL Bottomsheet

Fins: 1 - 1" Tail Fin


Gender Unisex
Board Style Skim
Skill Level Advanced
Design Rail Grab Channels
Weight Range (lbs) 50" - Up to 170
53" - Up to 200
56" - Up to 230
Model Year 2022
Warranty 60 days

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