Phase 5 Diamond Turbo LTD 2022

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The Diamond has been an icon in the P5 line for many years now. In recent years, the Diamond Turbo came to fruition and is well received. The Turbo was added to the name after we enhanced the Diamond tail shape with a more boxed out design giving the rider more volume under the rear foot. More volume adds bigger pop and ability to gain more speed without having to be super heavy on your front foot. The Diamond Turbo LTD separates itself from the stock Diamond Turbo with our 3D Fat Weave Carbon on the deck and signature checkerboard Innegra bottom. These technical features provides the LTD version to be lighter and more responsive than the stock version. The Diamond is equipped with a versatile tri-fin skim setup that can be configured to suit riders of all levels.

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  • Feather Light 3D Fat Weave Carbon
  • V.R.T Technology
  • Continuous Core
  • Polyester Resin
  • Tri Fin Setup
  • PolyLam Texture
  • PROPEL Bottomsheet

Fins: 1 - 1" Tail Fin, 2 - 1" Fakie Fins


Gender Unisex
Board Style Skim
Skill Level Intermediate/Advanced
Design Wide Diamond Tail
Weight Range (lbs) 51" - Up to 170
54" - Up to 195
57" - Up to 220
Model Year 2022
Warranty 60 days

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