Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard 2021

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The Prizm shares the same shape as the Murray 20th Anniversary Pro Model but is laid up with Hyperlite's lady specific Satin Flex, ensuring the board responds to the female rider in the appropriate manner.  The Prizm shape begins with a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker, there is no flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a colossal boost off the wake.  The board's edge is rounded between the inserts, sharpening under foot and then cupped at the tip and tail, delivering solid edge hold when you want it and forgiveness when you need it.  The Prizm is sure to become the favorite amongst our team, get on one today and enjoy the ride for yourself.

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Product Includes

  • Hyperlite Women's Prizm Board 2021
  • 0.8" P-Wing Fins (4)


  • Satin flex
  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass
  • Full Wood Pop Top
  • Mellow Center landing Spine
  • Variable Edge Design
  • M6 Inserts
  • 1 Year Warranty


Style - Boat || Skill Level - Intermediate/Adv.

Size (cm) Width (in) Weight (lbs) Rocker Height Stance Options
134 16.9 130 and Up Subtle 3-Stage 2.42" 22" - 26"
139 17.1 140 and Up Subtle 3-Stage 2.51" 23" - 27"