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HookCups Boat Connectors

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We know how important it is to have quality time doing what you love.  HookCups was designed with you in mind; to help enhance your time on the water with family and friends creating life-long memories.

The HookCups keeps your boat floating 18 inches apart.  The HookCups are made from lightweight material that is stronger than aluminum.  Our Patent Pending product moves with the water allowing your boats to move freely as it gets hit by wakes and rollers.

  • Sold in a set of Two (2)
  • Includes Tommy's logo wrap

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How to use HookCups™ in 3 easy steps!

  1. Align your boats ensuring they are side by side, positioning in place where you plan on floating.  Adjust based on length of boat as to where you hook up.  The HookCups™ will keep you 18 inches apart.
  2. Near the back of boat 1, find a section of the side that is flat to place the cups.  Push down the levers to secure the cups to boat 1, and then secure the other cups to boat 2.
  3. Grab your second HookCup and move about 10ft (3m), or to the midpoint of the hull.  Each HookCup has one end that can move up and down, and another end that moves multi-directional.  Make sure that both of the same ends are on the same boat, and repeat the process of securing the cups to the boats.

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