Eight.3 Wake Shaper with Shims

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The original Wake Shaper by Eight.3.  The Eight.3 Wake Shaper includes 1 inch and 2-inch boat shims to help create the best wakesurfing wave possible.  Use the shims depending if your hull is steep or has defined step, you can even stack them on top of each other giving you a 3" shim that make this truly universal for any boat.  The Velcro attachment makes sure this stays securely to the side of the boat, but if it were to come off it's no problem the Wake Shaper floats.  When installing your Wake Shaper Eight.3 recommends that the shaper is submerged 80% after you have weighted your boat with any additional ballast, and mount the shaper as close to the stern as the hull will allow.

Product Includes

  • Eight.3 Wake Shaper
  • 1" Shim & 2" Shim
  • Velcro adhesive strips for starboard and port side.

Size Options

Standard Size

  • 15.5" Boat Surface Length
  • 21" Water Surface Length
  • 11" Height
  • 7.5" Depth

X-Large Size

  • 19.5" Boat Surface Length
  • 26" Water Surface Length
  • 12.5" Height
  • 9" Depth

*Images are of the X-Large version, Standard size is similar other than size and color*